Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It's Official. I'm a hockey mom. For anyone who knows me, you saw this coming. At a young age, I grew up watching the sport and that passion carried through to the present day. I join fantasy leagues, travel three hours to games, stand in long lines for autographs, & fill my families closets with memorabilia. The first moment I could introduce the sport to my children, I did. Now, at the age of four, Daycen is finally able to begin playing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a hockey mom. Let me tell you, they get the same bad rep as a soccer mom, except things are a bit more intense. Hockey requires a lot of time, and I'm not just talking taking the kids back and forth in your "mini van". There is tons of concession stand requirements, and constant fundraising. Oh! and the amount of money it costs. Let's just say, you'll work two or three months just to pay for registration & equipment. I know what you are thinking - my life of adventure is over & I am now just a hockey mom.

That could be the farthest from the truth. I am blessed to be able to spend this much time with my son. That I get to watch him develop and grow. That he counts on me to be there for him. I melt everytime he skates by, smiles & waves. I know things will get tougher, but it's worth it. It's so worth the commitment.

I'd love to say I am his BIGGEST fan but I'm not. That spot is already taken by his baby sister. She enjoys going to the rink, & watching her brother skate. It doesn't matter how red her little nose turns, she doesn't want to leave until he is off that ice. I love that even at two, she shows love & support towards her older brother.

The best part of the Mini Mite program (first & second year skates who are just learning the basics) is they let you get right up in the action. I can stand in the players box and shoot pictures without worrying about the glare from the glass. Infact, if I laced up a pair of skates I could be out there on the ice! (but let's be honest, I'd be face flat on the ice more than in an upright position.) I prefer the sidelines. Coffee and camera in tow.

Daycen loves hockey. He loves getting out on the ice. It doesn't matter how many times he falls, he gets right back up and keeps going. He comes from a hockey family. It's in his blood.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A milestone in every school age child's life is their first concert.

I am a big fan of arts & music in school, and knowing that at the pre-k level they believe in it as much as I do; comes as a form of comfort. Each day I send my son to school in confidence that learning is going to be made fun. I also know that at the end of each day, my son will be excited to get on that bus the next morning. I couldn't be more grateful for the pre-k program that my school district offers us. I also, couldn't be more grateful for all the teachers that come together to put on concert programs.

I've never taken pictures in an auditorium. A dark auditorium with just a little light shining on the stage. I came with my equipment thinking I was prepared. I surely was not. My son's class sang first, so I didn't have much prep time to adjust my settings or figure out where to bounce my flash. I winged it. I clicked, switched, clicked. At this point, I just wanted a couple pictures to salvage.

I am a weepy mom. I got tears in my eyes that I shielded with my camera when I noticed Daycen standing there, with his hands clasped in front of him. You never realize how proper and polite your children are turning out until you catch it first hand.

I was nervous at first to take Ripsi to the concert. I was worried that she would be crying, screaming, & completely bored out of her mind. I had a pocket full of mini poptarts, and two suckers... just waiting. Yet, the crying and trying to escape the auditorium never came. The screaming did, and laughter, and squeals of joy. She loved it. She loved seeing the children sing. Oh! She sure did love when everyone clapped.

After the concert, the school was selling ice cream cups for 50 cents. We stuck around for a little while to praise a job well done. Plus, who can resist inexpensive vanilla ice cream?

(yes, he is wearing Ripsi's hat. I told him not to stretch it out... )

Big school. Little boy. This will be his high school. Years from now, this will be his school. ♥

It will some day, be hers too.

(sorry for the vertical video, I had my camera in the other hand)

Daycen's Nursery Rhyme Concert from Brooke Shebuski on Vimeo.

Monday, February 4, 2013


I don't have a biological sister. Yet, throughout the years I have found a lot of women who qualify as a sister to me. One of those ladies would be my good friend, Katie. She is one of the absolute sweetest, selfless women I have met in my entire life. When I was pregnant with my first, she stood by my side and made sure I knew someone was there in a moments notice. Countless times she has run to my aid and I know she knows she can return that favor. This March, she is expecting her own miracle. So, as her sister friend I vowed to make the welcoming of her little one extremely special.

I hand created all of her baby shower invites. I wanted something clean, modern, & something that matched the ideas she had brewing for her nursery. This way, all the decorations could be incorporated in the nursery if desired.

I was able to get some supplies from Swig Shoppe. I just wanted to say their customer service is phenomenal. I messaged them with concerns about the arrival of my party supplies, but they assured me if I ordered, my products would make it in time. They were packed up, shipped quickly, and made it to me within three days. I still had a good week before I needed them. I could sit back, relax and procrastinate.

When I ordered my cupcake tins, in the shop description they claimed, "high quality greaseproof cupcake liners will resist fading even when baking dark colored cakes. The patterns will stay bright, even the white, after baking up to 450 degrees." For the $3.99 price tag, I had low expectations.

Yet, I was proven wrong. They came out beautiful.

I chose decorations that were minimal, inexpensive, resuable but made a big impact. I absolutely loved how everything turned out.

I even had some help putting them up! (or taking them down?)

I didn't buy anything premade. All the tissue poms, banners, & food were handcrafted by me & Katie's mother. A lot of love when into this Baby Shower and looking back, I wouldn't have done it any other way.

Isn't she a cute little pregnant thing?

I'm giddy with excitement to meet Baby Addison. I can't wait for our girls to be as good of friends as we are. ♥ March seriously can't come soon enough.

Friday, January 25, 2013


As much as I would love warm weather all year long, I know that without this white fluffy stuff my children would have trouble distinguishing between seasons. Where we live, it is the picture perfect image of all four seasons. My kids love the snow. They associate it with the holidays, hockey season, & cozy hats. I feel like if snow never came something would be missing in our lives.

Baby Sister forgot what snow was at first. I set her down and her first instinct was to cling to my body, her face firmly pressed into my legs.

Eventually, she backed off...

and fell completely in love with snow all over again.

Daycen has never disliked snow. He has never been scared of it. It has always been a favorite memory in his life. I would have to say, he is by far a winter baby even though he was born in the hot of summer. Trampling through our backyard is the one thing in these cold months that he looks forward to each year. It is something that costs absolutely nothing and we can do it multiple times. Snow isn't so bad when you look at it that way.

I personally prefer the warm. I love boots & scarves but would prefer them as an accessory, not a necessity. Yet, seeing the joy on my kids faces makes me glad I live in the northern states.

I don't think we will ever leave.